Iris Schäffner

Dr. rer. nat. Iris Schäffner

Institut für Biochemie
Professur für Molekulare Medizin mit dem Schwerpunkt Molekulare Bildgebung (Prof. Dr. Lie)

Raum: Raum 02.022
Institut für Biochemie, Fahrstraße 17
91054 Erlangen


Research Interest

Regulation of cellular quality control in the adult neurogenic lineage

Neural stem cells generate functional neurons throughout life. My project addresses the role of cellular quality control mechanisms in this process. Specifically, I am investigating how autophagy – a clearance processes critical for maintaining organelle and protein homeostasis – affects stem cell maintenance and neuronal maturation and how autophagy is regulated on the transcriptional level.

Picture website Iris
Adult neural progenitor labeled with a CAG-GFP/Cre and a CAG-mCherry/GFP/LC3 retrovirus to analyze autophagy. Scale bar ≙ 1 µm.




2015 – present Postdoctoral Scientist, Institute of Biochemistry, FAU Erlangen
2015 PhD, Technical University Munich, „Fox Transcription factors in adult neurogenesis“
 2009  M.Sc., Molecular Biotechnology, Technical University Munich
 2005  Diploma in Economics, University of Passau

„Description and discussion of precise solutions of Traveling Salesman-Problems with time window restriction“



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