Chichung Lie studied medicine at the RWTH Aachen, Germany. Following his residency (1997-1999) at the Dept. of Neurology of the University of Regensburg, Germany, he joined the laboratory of Fred H. Gage at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, USA, as a postdoctoral fellow (1999-2005), where he began to work on the molecular regulation of adult neurogenesis and neural stem cells. He was a Research Group Leader at the Helmholtz Center Munich and joined the Institute of Biochemistry as a Professor of Molecular Medicine in 2011. He is the recipient of an European Young Investigator (EURYI) Award and a Marie Curie Excellence Grant of the European Union. Since 2016 he serves as the spokesperson of the DFG-funded Research Training Group 2162 „Neurodevelopment and Vulnerability of the Central Nervous System“.