Lab News

4/2019 Fabienne receives IZKF scholarship for conducting her medical Thesis in our lab

2/2019  Iris receives ELAN funding for studying FoxO function in stem cell homeostasis

2/2019 Our lab receives funding from the ForInter Consortium to model human neurodevelopmental diseases

1/2019 Matthias successfully defended his MD thesis

9/2018 Congrats to Iris for her paper in Neuron. Read the commentary by Kannangara and Lagace

8/2018 Congrats to Elli-Anna for publishing her papers in Scientific Reports and Front Mol Neurosci

2/2018 Sören receives ELAN funding for studing Sox11 function in intellectual disability

2/2018 Congrats to Matthias for his paper in Mol. Autism

1/2018 Congrats to Atria and Sören for their Review in Cell Tissue Res